Tree 8 250cmX60cm

Artwork by Steve Weller (

Last night I dreamed of home.

The home I lived in from the age of 8. Cricklewood

The sun was in the trees and there was a light breeze. The light flickered between tiny medallions of blue sky, lush green and golden light.

It’s such a big place. My family won’t fill it. I grew up in a family of 6 and now I’m father in a family of four. There’s too much space to live in this house.

Such a big garden. The stair case which winds down from the second floor to the split level, on to the bottom floor near my bed room. So much fun to run down. Ghosts thumping down the wooden stairs between the lounge room and the kitchen. The secret cupboard behind the wall in the lounge. The secret cupboard under the stairs. Secrets. Memories.

And now I’m in my mum’s old room on the top floor looking out through the deep garden at the mountains off in the distance.

If we have to move in I guess we can make do. It feels bitter sweet. Like I never left home. But it’s such a great house. Built by a famous architect. So many great memories. A great place to grow up and to grow my kids.

I start to stir. Reality.

Cricklewood is sold, fool! The land has been redeveloped. The house itself has been restored and renovated.  Three town houses now share the block. The sound of the wind in the old trees is no more. The dancing shadows of green, blue and gold are gone.

I understand my mum’s sadness for the first time. Such a lovely place in the suburbs. Such a luxuriant block and garden. Such a great place for a family. Lots of memories, good and bad. All mostly let go.

I’m back in a half dream state. I’m outside the house levitating in the air. The tree near the house is tall strong and vibrant. I look towards the house and there is tree bark in lines up the outside wall. The house has become the tree has become the dream.

Back in the land of the living we’ve just started renovations at our place.

I have a cold and am on strange medications…


Photography by Steve Weller.

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  1. Lovelly
    May 27, 2013 @ 14:54:59

    I loved this! Very well written


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