DNA on holiday

Things have tendencies.

I can grab some crystal ware, and if I manage to sing at the right pitch, it will harmonise with me. If I sing loud enough it will shatter into pieces. Or I could pour myself a glass of wine…

Remember the story of the scorpion and the frog? The frog and the scorpion are standing at the bank of a flooded river. The scorpion asks the frog for a dink across the river. Surely not says the frog, you’ll sting me. Why would I do that the scorpion retorts, then we’d both die? Good point says froggy, jump on and let’s swim. Out they head into the torrent, when froggy feels the sting of the scorpion’s tail in his back. Hey! Dickhead! Why did you do that? Because it’s my nature, claims the scorpion.

Everything has dangerous tendencies. A passion fruit vine grows exponentially and destroys the fence that supports it. One person’s loving self-sacrifice ends up with them being taken for granted and sacrificed. Another person’s anxiety protects them from all danger but destroys their happiness and their life. Another person’s laid back attitude begets disengagement and atrophy.

Even relationships have their own nature. I read this EM Forster twitter this morning: “No human relationship is constant. If it is constant it is no longer a human relationship but a social habit.”

But we think in constants and interpolations and act with habits. We don’t think in rhythms and cycles. It’s like me standing up from this table on Grant St in Port Douglas and heading north to Main St, and drawing the conclusion that I’m destined for New Guinea. Our way of thinking is bunk.

The way we are, our nature, our souls, our DNA, holds the key to our potential (go grab a self help book to read more) but it also holds keys to our self destruction.

Our habits, tendencies and nature, if left unchecked can become vicious storms where we are the oblivious eye.

My Qigong master tells me that you have to break up your energy and let it rebuild in a better form, a natural form. Sometimes you have to prune the tree, you have to cut off a bad friend, you have to end a bad relationship, or maybe just quit a job or take a holiday. You have to exit the storm and you have to do it with no real planned outcome.

Then you wait. Do you have faith that your true nature will eventually reveal itself and it will be good, at least for a while, before renewal is again required?

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  1. gabby
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 20:39:16

    Beautiful piece Craig.
    I wonder whether it is possible to change our natural tendencies. And, if not, what does that say about the ability to reinvent oneself?


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