The Gap

There was until recently a giant photo of bikini model Jessica Hart in the shopping centre near my work. The image flaunted her amazing physique and the giant gap between her front teeth. It looked contrived and confronting at the same time.

I walked past this enormous poster every day and became obsessed by the flawed smile.

Jessica Hart is apparently the perfect poster girl for the new model trend casting directors are calling “characters”models with unique characteristics including tattoos, piercings, scars and even albino colouring.

The poster reminded me of Belladonna, a successful porn star, also famous for her gap-teeth. On her blog she once wrote: “Did you know a lot of people did not want to shoot me in the beginning because of my looks, tattoos and what not?

Now I see gap-teeth everywhere.

I’m not sure how this all ties together.

Is flawed beauty more satisfying than pure beauty?

Am I looking for authenticity in the right places?

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