I’m reading “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working” by Tony Schwartz. It discusses the four energys: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. I’m in the Emotional chapter.

Apparently we feel negative triggers a lot stronger than positive triggers. If something positive happens such as winning an iPad we have a weaker trigger (positive) than if we had the same iPad stolen later (negative). Some other negative triggers include: not being listened too, being spoken down to or being treated unfairly.

Or lack of respect.

In Japan, men who have given up on a normal working life are called “freeters” combining the English “free” and the German “arbeiter”. They travel, have hobbies, live at home and earn about a third of what their fathers did.  These young men are derisively called “herbivores” or “grass-eaters”.

Image by epler

In the USA the current recession has seen about 80% of the job losses hit men. The unemployment rate for men is 2% higher than women.

My grandfather always said it was a bad thing that women worked, and I thought he was old fashioned. I still do. I speculate that what he really disliked was the hollowing out of men’s work, driven relentlessly by the economics of our time as automation and offshoring took hold.

If a man doesn’t have pride in his work, doesn’t have respect, what does he have.

Back to Tony Schwartz’s book:

An inmate suddenly stood tall and replied … with absolute clarity: “Pride, Dignity. Self Esteem.” Then he added, “And I’ll kill every motherfucker in that cell block if I have to in order to get it. If you ain’t got pride, you ain’t got nothin.'”

– Need to retrofit pods (~$10k)
– 24 servers/pairs per pod.

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