I’m reading “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working” by Tony Schwartz. It discusses the four energys: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. I’m in the Emotional chapter.

Apparently we feel negative triggers a lot stronger than positive triggers. If something positive happens such as winning an iPad we have a weaker trigger (positive) than if we had the same iPad stolen later (negative). Some other negative triggers include: not being listened too, being spoken down to or being treated unfairly.

Or lack of respect.

In Japan, men who have given up on a normal working life are called “freeters” combining the English “free” and the German “arbeiter”. They travel, have hobbies, live at home and earn about a third of what their fathers did.  These young men are derisively called “herbivores” or “grass-eaters”.

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In the USA the current recession has seen about 80% of the job losses hit men. The unemployment rate for men is 2% higher than women.

My grandfather always said it was a bad thing that women worked, and I thought he was old fashioned. I still do. I speculate that what he really disliked was the hollowing out of men’s work, driven relentlessly by the economics of our time as automation and offshoring took hold.

If a man doesn’t have pride in his work, doesn’t have respect, what does he have.

Back to Tony Schwartz’s book:

An inmate suddenly stood tall and replied … with absolute clarity: “Pride, Dignity. Self Esteem.” Then he added, “And I’ll kill every motherfucker in that cell block if I have to in order to get it. If you ain’t got pride, you ain’t got nothin.'”

– Need to retrofit pods (~$10k)
– 24 servers/pairs per pod.

Accept and Offer

I’m reading Impro by Keith Johnstone. There’s an interesting passage where he talks about a type of improvisation called “accept and offer”. The “accept” is to take your partners line and involve yourself, and continue, with it, the “offer” is to add something to the dialogue to move it somewhere new. So I thought I’d try it:

Image by easylocum

OFFER: Me (after eating at cafe and having to settle the bill when leaving which they let their preferred customers do): “Well I thought I’d try a runner to see how quick you were!”

ACCEPT: Waitress: “Well I’m pretty quick!”

BLOCK: “I bet you are!”

Awkward silence….



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